extended warranty


Our Extended Warranty Provides:

  • No claims excess to pay
  • Unlimited claims
  • Claims value up to vehicle purchase price
  • Vehicle must be under 8 years old and under 80,000 miles at inception

At Platinum…

We recognise that every customer has a variety of different motoring requirements, which is reflected in the incredible range of vehicles available from across our group of dealerships. We also recognise that our aftersales service must offer tailor made options too… For total peace of mind we now offer a unique and comprehensive ‘Gold’ Extended Warranty, which is designed for you to enjoy worry free motoring ongoing. For a personal quotation and further information, please contact us on the number shown below.


All mechanical and electrical components are included against any breakdown during the warranty period, provided that the terms and conditions of the agreement are fully complied with. Please refer to the warranty document for terms, conditions and exclusions.


For a personal quotation and further information, please contact us on the number below:

Platinum Motor Group
Direct Marketing Department, Unit 2 & 4 Platinum Motor Park, North Bradley, Trowbridge BA14 OBJ
01225 759530 Email: directmarketing@platinummg.co.uk Opening Hours: Monday to Friday - 8:30am - 5:30pm

The benefit of this warranty agreement is transferable should you sell the vehicle to a private individual. This is subject to the terms and conditions as detailed in the warranty terms and conditions. If no service history of the vehicle is available prior to commencement and/or the vehicle has not been serviced by a Platinum branch, it will require a safety check prior to the commencement of an extended warranty.


Parts Excluded

Cracked or porus cylinder heads and blocks, burnt valves, carbon deposits and any skimming/pressure testing. Body, paint, glass, interior/exterior trim, entertainment/ communication systems and connected equipment including satellite navigation. Catalytic converters, wheels, airbag and system, electrical wiring and wiring looms. Service items and other components subject to routine maintenance or periodic repair or replacement such as plugs, HT leads, brake frictional material, clutch facings, cables, wiper blades/rubbers, V belts, hoses, pipes, cables, light bulbs/units, tyres, batteries, exhaust systems.


Please check the warranty agreement document for full details - refer to terms and conditions for details of definitions and exclusions. The listed components shown above are subject to the terms as described in the warranty document and are also subject to certain limitations in terms of the maximum amount paid in the event of a breakdown. The list shown is not a comprehensive list - please ask the Platinum Motor Group for further details. Excludes taxi’s, driving schools and commercial vehicles. Images used for illustrative purposes only. All information correct at August 2021.