Platinum and The Environment


The automotive industry has long been considered a major contributor to the environmental problems we all face today.

Whilst that statement is certainly true, much work has been done in recent years by car manufacturers to reduce or even eliminate the harmful effects of manufacturing and vehicle emissions.

Also, great strides have been made in the areas of fuel consumption and the recyclability of cars and commercials, with stiff targets and objectives being set in order to deliver a motoring experience that is much less impacting on the environment.

Platinum & The Environment

Although product innovations with regard to reducing environmental impact are the preserve of the car manufacturers themselves, the Platinum Group are also committed to an ongoing process environmental responsibility, centred around waste reduction, energy efficiency, recycling of rubbish, and the responsible disposal of waste materials.

Renrod Ltd, owner of the Platinum Group are corporate members of the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, and therefore contribute to the upkeep of some of the county’s nature reserves.
These are some of the examples: -During the design of the Platinum Motor Park in Trowbridge (known at the time as the "Meridian Project"), environmental and green issues were given a very high priority and were an important part of the original design brief. 

- Low voltage lighting
- Radiant heat delivery in all the workshops
- Automatic recycling car wash facility
- Landscaping to include low maintenance planting (saving water)
- Environment friendly drainage and separation system to ensure no pollution of effluent discharge.
- Underfloor exhaust extraction
- Dust extraction
- Computer controlled oil extraction and disposal

Also, the company has developed a number of energy saving signs that are used to ensure that there’s a constant awareness of our collective energy saving obligations.

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